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Research Paper On Video Game Violence

Video games are very popular all over the world. In fact, people build strong relationships based on this common passion and they spend huge amounts of time playing online. In the contemporary era, young persons prefer to virtually hang out, while being immersed into a game or while browsing social media websites.

The problem is that most famous and loved video games involve violence. What is more, over the years, the graphics got to imitate reality so well, that it is hard not to actually believe that you are in there, fighting or shooting someone. As a consequence of this tech performance, scientists have become more and more inclined to correlate violent behaviour with video games.

Video games are being played by people of all age range. But the ones who fall for them the most are children and teenagers. Therefore, a huge debate has risen on this subject: are violent video games influencing users’ behaviour?

First of all, we have to mention another issue. The theory goes both ways as it follows – are people who choose this type of games violent themselves from starters? Or are only video games alone the ones that bring a negative influence upon them?

A concerning factor is that in video games violence is always active. As opposed to watching a violent movie, for example, playing a game supposes being constantly involved and committing violent acts against other users. Briefly, the player has to be the aggressor in order to win the competition. Researchers have analysed this issue and have come up with the verdict that this activity affects users’ judgements, reactions and thoughts.

An aggressive debate related to these findings is about school shootings. A large number of people state that these tragedies are infallibly determined by teens’ passion for violent video games. It is only in there that they are encouraged to commit aggressive and deadly deeds that darken their minds.

Then, a notable principle of video games is that they reward violence and bloody acts. As opposed to reality, where in every society in the world crimes are actively being punished and discouraged. If played frequently enough video games can distort one’s perception of violence. Therefore, these persons may change values and believe that it is alright to commit criminal acts.

The consequences of violent video games can be seen both on short and long term. The most affected ones are young children. They don’t have yet an established set of moral and social values, so cannot distinguish the wrong from right. Therefore, they risk developing a hostile and violent behaviour, difficult to correct in time. In this case, parents should be really cautious and limit the access to violent games.

In the end, we must be cautious, because violent video games have become extremely popular and they can draw anyone in their trap. For instance, in USA, a percent of 97 of teens play these games on a regular basis. The industry can only be happy, as the sales bring in revenues of about $12 billion a year.

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