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Research Paper On Solar Energy

The constantly growing population means bigger and bigger consume of resources. Luckily, modern scientists are always working on alternative solutions to compensate for the lack of consumables supplies. This is how they have found ways of collecting and transforming solar energy into electricity.

As we all know, the sun is a huge resource of energy. This one reaches the Earth in the form of solar radiations. These radiations can be transformed into different types of energy - electric power, mechanical power or heat energy. As this represents a renewable energy, it is also inexhaustible and ecologic (which means it is perfect for a population grew in the spirit of great consumption).

The main ways of using solar energy are listed below.

First, this one is employed to produce heat energy which is used for water heating, for domestic heating and even for greenhouses heating. Even if at first, the investment is quite high, it is definitely paying off throughout time.

Secondly, solar energy is used to produce electric power through the medium of photovoltaic cells. In this case, it can play different roles. For instance, it is responsible for the functioning of pocket calculators that work with solar energy. At a bigger scale, it supplies solar power plants that produce electricity for entire neighborhoods

In the contemporary era, solar energy is also used for transportation means like solar vehicle, solar-charged vehicle, electric boat, solar balloon and solar electric aircraft. Through the World Solar Challenge, a biannual contest, scientists experiment and showcase different models of solar vehicles. The purpose is to build the best combination of ergonomics, speed and constancy.

A great aspect is that the process of solar energy collection does not pollute the environment and has no impact on atmosphere. Unlike oil extraction, for instance, this method of producing electricity is very beneficial for Earth at this stage, when pollution is gone out of control.

However, there are aspects to debate on this topic, too. For example, we can discuss on the pro and cons of thermal solar plant versus the one functioning on the photovoltaic solar panels principle. The first ones can be more efficient, while demanding lower investments. On the other side, their maintenance costs are higher and they function only with installed power parameters that are higher than certain minimum limits. What is more, they can be economically exploited only in geographic areas with a lot of sunny days per year.

When it comes to statistics, the solar energy has gained popularity in time. In 2004, the solar energy represented 0.04% out of the total energy produced on the globe. Then, in 2010, the percentage went up to 0.4%. Hopefully, this number will keep growing in the future.

The first five countries that use solar energy the most are Germany, China, Japan, Italy and United States.

In conclusion, solar energy exploitation has only positive sides – it is clean, it does not pollute, it is efficient and what is more, it is endless.

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