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Research Paper On Poverty

Are the things being done to stop poverty working? There are a lot of social problems that are weaving other branches of problems all over the world but it seems that even with all the promises made by the government about how these problems can be solved, not much progress is being made.

Poverty is one of the problems that people are suffering from at present time. People can be poor in many ways. They can be poor in manners, they can be poor in social graces but it seems that most people look down more on people who are poor in finances, those who do not have enough money in order to sustain their needs when in fact, they are the ones that should be helped. Those who are economically poor are considered to be the marginalized and the rest of the social classes assume that they are better when in fact, their main difference is just the amount of money that they have.

The government of various countries may say that they are working on solving poverty but are they truly looking into the heart of the matter? Are they looking at the main causes of poverty? Injustice is one of the reasons for poverty. Those who are poor are often judged even when they are not doing anything. They are not given the opportunities that they deserve. Some are even being exploited in order to benefit other people. The poor are sometimes used to it, they are used to the discrimination that they get every day and this acceptance has made it even harder for poverty to be totally stopped.

In the world, there are some people who are considered lords and there are also some that are considered slaves and once again, their main difference is their finances. It does not matter whether the slave is wiser than the master. As long as they do not have money, they are not allowed to say anything. They are not allowed to be free with their decisions.

Another reason for poverty is the large population of people fuelled by the fact that they do not have enough resources in order to sustain their every day needs. In a lot of developing countries, there are some places wherein people create houses on properties that they do not own. They make do with the poor living conditions because they do not see other ways to live. They tend to have a lot of children that they cannot send to school. The burden may fall on the eldest child if the eldest child would not decide to marry at an early age. The things that people have problems that are related to being poor may go on and on.

The main thing that can eradicate poverty for good is the unity of people to put a stop to it. If the lords would forget about their riches for a while and actually focus on doing good, then there may be a bit of hope left for a poverty free world in the future.

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