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Research Paper on Police Brutality

It is every government's goal to make people trust the law enforcement to make proper judgments in terms of their protection. However, the high rates of police brutality is becoming more and more alarming, especially when it comes to discrimination. At this point, many people of color have an idea that the police is a white supremacy representation.1 This leads to distrust in the police officers, which presents a grand issue for every country in the world.

The police has the right to use force, but this should apply only under strictly set circumstances and follow certain guidelines. However, the commonality of police brutality instances is highly occurring and many people see the force as people who often use brutality in circumstances that do not require it. Police brutality can only lead to hostility between individuals and the police and communities and the force.

While some people see the police as people who endanger their lives daily for the safety of others, there are many who have experienced or heard of police brutality and have a general bad picture of the force. Even though protection and courage is what entails the title of the police, many have been victims of racial profiling.

One concerning term that points to police brutality is DWB or 'driving while black'. The situation here can be described as cases where police officers pull over people of color for traffic violations with the goal to investigate criminal activity solely because of their skin color.

According to the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics Survey of 20072, there are over 26,556 citizen complaints about police brutality. After the careful investigation of these, the results showed around 2000 incidents of police brutality among agencies. The difference in numbers only adds to the people's claim that the majority of instances of police brutality are overlooked. There are many examples of fatal outcome of police brutality where people are badly harmed or even dead, and this is left to fade away. Fortunately, the force of the media, social media and the latest laws allow for a more strict approach towards such cases, which leads to grand improvement in terms of police brutality. For example, McLauglin has reported that after the investigation of the United States Justice Department in Albuquerque, it was concluded that 20 of the police shootings that were fatal were not constitutional.3

The behavior and approach of the law enforcement officials towards communities of color is extremely wrong in cases where they use police brutality to hurt instead of protect the citizens of their country. The fact is, there is much more that needs to be done in terms of rules and guidelines that would increase the police's awareness of the equality among people and would prevent police brutality. In order for this problem to be not only reduced, but fully prevented, the countries need to take a more careful approach and research into the cases of reported misuse of force.

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