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Research Paper On Nursing

Nursing is a health care profession with a more and more important role in the system. It consists in attending patients to improve their health condition and in having a better life quality. For a long period of time, everybody believed that nurses are just helping out doctors by simply executing their indications.

Little by little, the role of nurses grew to become essential in the process of patients’ recovery. These have extended their services outside health institutions and make wonders at supporting sick people to return to their daily routine and to integrate back into society.

Moreover, nurses have gained the right to diagnose health problems, to propose treatment methods and certain therapies. Of course, this is only possible in the case of nurses with advanced studies and certifications.

A current debate regarding this profession is represented by nurses’ gender. Even if this is 21st century and there should not be such things as men or women’ careers, the idea of masculine nurses is treated with scepticism. For example, the ratio between male and female nurses is of 1:19 in United States and the situation is the same around the globe, too.

Nursing has three main scopes. The first one is to assist patients in daily routine. Usually, people who need this kind of health care have mobility and mental problems. Therefore, nurses must help with motion, hygiene (like bed washes), biological needs and self-safety.

In the second place, nurses are responsible with the medication. However, they follow the health plan established by an authorized physician. Nurses are legally responsible for the medication given to patients. They must pay attention to the type of medicine, to the doze and hour of administration and to the possible side effects. Additionally, nurses have the possibility of refusing to administrate particular medication to patients, if they believe this will harm their health.

Then, another important scope is patient education. Nurses help people recover by teaching them healthier life habits, in collaboration with the entire family.

There are a large number of specialties in which a nurse can be trained and these depend on the patient’s affection. For instance, one can be specialized in cardiac nursing, orthopaedic nursing, oncology nursing, obstetrical nursing and so on.

As any other occupation, nursing has its risks. In this case, workers may suffer injuries; they can contact a series of illnesses and they are constantly under stress. The later one brings in other series of problems like sleep disorders, depression, moral distress, compassion fatigue and more. Eventually, there is always the possibility or patients being violent with the personnel. For example, in 2011, statistics have shown that 17% of nurses have been physically assaulted.

Within this regard, hospitals have implemented special programs of stress management to help nurses go through difficult situations easier.

In order to become a nurse, one has to attend the courses required by their country. Each state has its different academic and professional standards and often, when switching countries, personnel must achieve additional qualifications.

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