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Research Paper On Marijuana

Marijuana, or by its official name, cannabis, is a light type of drug and it is popular all over the world. Consumers wrongly believe that unlike cocaine, for example, this one does not have serious consequences and cannot determine them to become addictive. Actually, as any other drug, marijuana can cause severe health problems and always makes people want to consume more.

Cannabis is the easiest to obtain on drugs’ market and most often it is found under the form of joints. On the street, it is never called on its scientific name, but by several expressions already known by all users: weed, pot, crack, plant, heroin and even rat poison.

Mainly, marijuana is consumed in recreational purposes. Its effects are relaxation, increased appetite and heightened mood. These appear at about 20-30 minutes after consumption and last between two and six hours, depending on the quantity used, on the drug’s concentration and on the consumer.

As expected, along with these somehow “positive” effects, consumers experience some unpleasant consequences, too. These ones include dry mouth, red eyes, feelings of paranoia and anxiety, impaired motor skills and decrease in short-term memory, sensations of heat or cold, increased heart rate, decreased ocular pressure and muscle relaxation. Due to these effects, people with heart related problems may suffer from heart attacks while consuming marijuana.

Marijuana is also known for medicinal use. Physicians prescribe this drug to people who suffer from severe affections. For instance, cancer patients who are under chemotherapy treatment experience strong feelings of nausea. Cannabis reduces this symptom along with the vomiting one. Then, it improves the eating appetite in patients with HIV/AIDS, it treats pain and it reduces muscle spasms.

Cannabis is consumed in various forms. These are: smoking (pipes, bongs, joints, etc.), inhaling (through a vaporizer that heats the plant), drinking (cannabis tea) and eating (most common are brownies with marijuana). There are even marijuana scented candles on the market.

There are some countries where the use of marijuana is legal, in the limits of a particular amount of product per person. Therefore, the drug is allowed in Colombia, Germany, Netherlands, North Korea and Uruguay. Some of these states also let consumers grow the plant. However, nowhere on the globe is legal to traffic marijuana.

A statistic from 2013 has shown that between 128 and 232 million people used marijuana (which is equal to 2.7% to 4.9% of the total population of the globe). Consumers are between 15 and 65 years old. However, the most prone to make use of this drug are teenagers, due to their will of trying anything.

Another study from 2015 has shown that half of the USA population has tried marijuana. The percentage has gone from 38 in 2013, to 44 in 2015. College students consume marijuana more than tobacco.

In conclusion, marijuana is used both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In both cases, it has dangerous consequences as it contains carcinogens and it causes hallucinations, addiction and in the worst cases, death by heart attacks.

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