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Research Paper on Immigration

Decades ago, the world was more welcoming in terms of immigration. As time has passed, a grand number of immigrants have entered the most advanced countries, such as the United States, which lead to a less open attitude towards immigrants. Even though the US still maintains somewhat of a welcoming attitude towards immigration, such a vast amount of migrants entering the country made the whole process turn into something much more complex.

Many of the illegal immigrants were so desperate to become part of the American culture that they managed to be assimilated and lived centuries in the country without abiding the laws. Ultimately, the country is left helpless in fully enforcing the immigration policies, which makes this problem still one of the biggest concerns in the world.

When speaking of illegal immigrants, people only refer to those who illegally cross the border and enter the country without the permission of the government. Furthermore, there are those whose cases become of illegal immigration due to over-staying their green cards and visas. People who have come to the country with a green card or a visa are not defined in the term illegal immigration. At this point, the number of illegal immigrants in the country is above 12 millions, which is very unclear since the government policies are extremely strict.

The first reason for the impossibility to control the immigration is the borders. The borders of the most developed countries are usually big, which means they have many areas of entry. With borders as large as those of the United States, it is simply impossibly to fully prevent illegal immigration.

The second reason is the people of the country in question. The fact is, the countries that struggle with immigration have many citizens who ignore the obligation to report people who have entered or remained in the country without permission.

Illegal immigration is associated with many problems, out of which the most significant one is the national security. With many undocumented residents in the country, the issue of safety in overall and terrorism becomes extremely concerning. For example, HatherMacDonald has reported that nearly 95% of all outstanding warrants are targeting the illegal immigrants in Los Angeles, California.1

Immigration comes with severe damage to the state's economy, as a result of the money spent to enforce the policies and find the illegal immigrants. Additionally, citizens of the countries find it much harder to find good jobs and high wages due to this issue. As a student at Oxford claimed: “Illegal immigrants are more willing than legal immigrants and native workers to take jobs where high labor turnover and poor working conditions have become a part of the labor process”.2

Considering how serious the problems that occur due to illegal immigration are, countries need to take this issue very seriously and make sure that their government acknowledges everyone who enters the country. In order to do so, the policies need to change greatly, as well as the awareness of such issues among the citizens.

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