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Research Paper On Gun Control

Gun control is officially called regulation of firearms and it refers to all laws related to the use of arms on a territory. These ones are related to several aspects like manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification and use of guns.

There have been long debates about gun control over the years. Some state that these laws are beneficial, because they restrict arm possession. In this way, the crime rate will decrease, there will be less suicides cases and fewer accidental injuries. The public shootings from USA that happened in the last past years have encouraged these voices to speak even louder and to ask for more aggressive laws.

On the other hand, another part of the population says that gun control laws will not be able to reduce this type of incidents. What is more, they consider that these regulations only violate human rights. The most employed example to support their cause is the one where someone may be attacked in his/her own house. If this person holds no gun, as the law imposes, he/she has higher chances of being murdered. So self-defense plays the key role in opponents’ arguments.

Related to this subject, a study conducted in 2007 has shown that out of the 875 million small arms distributed globally, a percentage of 75 were purchased by civilians (which means 650 million guns). Then, out of this sum, USA population accounted for 270 million.

As an international general law, civilians are allowed to hold firearms only if they get legal permission from authorities. In order to obtain this license, future owners have to prove that they know how to use a gun and they are familiar with the legislation. Furthermore, all arms must be registered with local authorities.

President Barak Obama has spoken about gun control and stated that accidents and crimes can be avoided if a set of principles are be applied. These ones include keeping firearms away from the wrong persons via regular background checks, increasing mental health treatment, assigning more resources to authorities in order to keep communities safe and employing technology to make firearms’ usage less dangerous.

Studies have shown that five women per day are killed by gun fires in America. Even more, there have been reported a large number of cases where children under 6 years old accidently kill themselves or others with firearms

However, it seems that aggressive laws are not necessarily decreasing crimes committed with guns. Here is an example: even if Mexico has some of the strictest gun control regulations in the world, in 2012 alone there have been reported 11,309 gun murders. In the same period, in USA, the states with the most permissive laws, took place 9,146 homicides. This statistic shows that official regulations are simply not enough to decrease crimes and that the principles stated by president Barak Obama are necessary for a safer society.

In conclusion, gun control can be both beneficial and harmful. On one side, it prevents people from misusing firearms and on the other side, it stops them from self-defending.

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