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Research Paper On Domestic Violence

Being recognized as one of the most current issues in the present-day society, domestic violence can be defined as the purposeful battery, intimidation, physical or sexual assault, alongside with other abusive behaviors as used by one of the partners in order to gain control or power over another one. That in turn also involves physical violence, emotional abuse as well as sexual violence. In terms of frequency and severity, domestic violence varies dramatically. However, the major reason why domestic violence occurs is normally the same, which is actually maintaining power over a partner.

Domestic violence proves to be present in every type of community irrespectively of economic status, gender, race, nationality or economic position. Some of the possible results of domestic violence can be psychological trauma, physical injury as well as in some extreme cases even a lethal outcome. From the psychological perspective, it may result in emotional consequences that will affect people over several generations and haunt an individual over an entire lifetime

There are different types of domestic violence as experienced family members. They are physical, economic, social, spiritual as well as emotional. Physical domestic violence can be identified as the violence that implies an individual hurting a partner, or threatening to cause physical pain. Basically, this type of domestic violence becomes apparent through any form of physical abuse.

Economic violence in the domestic context is the one that deals with one partner controlling finances of another one and thus making him/her dependent.

Social violence is a form of domestic violence that in turn suggests a number of other types of violence. Under such circumstances, one person typically insults another one in front of other people. Here, you might be isolated from your family and friends and have to control everything you do.

Emotional violence suggests an individual taking deliberate actions to intimidate a partner in a way that his/her psychological state is hurt.

In terms of spiritual aspects of domestic violence, it is possible to single our several principal points that happen to hurt one of partners including spirituality, cultural values as well as religious beliefs

Needless to say, domestic violence is an increasing problem these days, and it requires well-organized efforts on the part of society to protect victims of this burning problem. In terms of domestic violence occurs it is necessary to point out that victims normally do not provoke violence, instead violence arises when one individual feels that he/she is more privileged to take control over other members of a family. First and foremost, it is necessary to give due attention to the ways of protection of people who are subjected to the problem by removing them from dangerous households. For that matter, politicians should provide sufficient training and funding for people suffering domestic violence.

Whilst domestic violence is far from being a new issue, there are definitely new approaches to dealing with the problem. Primarily, if social workers are trained properly to help victims, the problem of domestic violence will be solved more efficiently.

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