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Research Paper On Depression

For a series of reasons, depression is more and more frequent these days and it has become a disease with serious consequences. Despite the modern era we are living in, there are few people willing to admit their problem and to go to counselling.

There are different instances of depression, depending on the persons suffering from it. Therefore, depression can appear in teenagers (due to hormonal transformations), in recent mothers (due to the miraculous, but hard to process event of life giving), in old persons (who find it difficult to accept their age), and so on.

The causes of depression are also various. Most common factors are loneliness, stressful life situations, relationship problems, financial hardship, health issues, and so on. It is essential to detect the cause of depression, in order to know how to approach the therapeutic treatment.

Initially, the first step for a person is to accept that he/she has a real problem that affects all life aspects. This is not as easy as it may seem. Often, people don’t analyse their every reaction or symptom. What is more, the busy and hectic schedules from 21st century leave little room for self-consciousness.

The second step is to find out if a person really suffers from depression or something else. Usually, the general symptoms are felt at psychological and sentimental levels. Below, there are several depression signs that manifest in different degrees of intensity for each person.

People experience feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that block them from going through a particular life situation. At this moment, persons believe things will never become brighter and future will not bring anything good for them. This state of mind may become really dangerous if it persists for long periods of time and professional help is not sought. Depression leads to suicidal thoughts and sometimes to the act itself.

In regards of eating appetite, persons who suffer from depression may find themselves at one of these extremes: they either take in huge quantity of food, or they totally lose interest in eating. As a consequence, drastic weight modifications take place in a short time.

The most common symptom is the loss of interest for absolutely every activity. Depressed persons cannot find joy in anything anymore. They just cannot perceive the feelings of satisfaction, pleasure, love or happiness. These people are just emotionally numb. Therefore, the next feeling is the frustration that nothing moves them inside.

Other significant symptoms are sleep problems, anger, irritability, loss of energy, self-accusations, lack of concentration and more.

The best thing one person can do is changing his/her life style. This supposes a great deal of effort as, at first, depressed people don’t want to do anything. Positive activities like regulate exercising, eating healthy food, stress managing and meditating bring in visible great results.

Professional help is required for those who don’t have the power to get through these issues by themselves. Therapists and psychologists know how to guide persons to overcome depression and to seek joy into their life.

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