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Research Paper On Cyberbullying

People’s lives have now moved into the virtual world, on the internet. As a consequence, all good and bad habits have followed this path, too. The action of cyberbullying supposes harming or harassing someone through the means of information technology. These acts may have different degrees of aggression. Cyberbullies may go from publishing mean rumors or gossips, to constantly humiliating and defaming certain persons. As opposed to popular believes, cyberbullying is not limited to internet means of communications, but it extends to cell phones and live chats.

When it comes to social platforms, cyber bullying is the most common on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The main victims are children and teenagers. This is usually because they are the ones sharing more personal information than recommended. Cyberbullies take advantage of their innocence and their lack of experience regarding self-defense and knowledge on human rights. For instance, during a study, 90% of teenagers who use Facebook stated that they witnessed, but ignored, mean acts on social media.

Another cyberbullying favorable medium is the gaming online chat. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle – children play violent games; due to the behavior in there, they think it is normal to be bullied, and further on, they become cyberbullies, too. This type of reaction appears as a consequence to the outrage and disappointment of losing the game.

Cyberbullying in search engines always get viral. Users post fake information and pass them as true. Soon, these false news go around the world and it is really difficult (most times, impossible) to stop.

There are states that have special laws against electronic harassment or stalking. These agencies are taking cyberbullying seriously and have cyber-crime units that spend time dealing with internet offenses.

People must understand that cyberbullying under any forms has legal consequences the same as physical harassment or stalking. Since 2007 and 2015, the percentage of teenagers who were cyberbullied in America only has gone from 18% to 34%. These numbers show that once with the social platforms development, the acts of virtual violence have increased significantly.

The effects of cyberbullying on victims must always be taken seriously. Negative actions like bullying, intimidation, blackmail, insults, menaces, and so on, have psychologic consequences that lead to emotional damage, mental disorders and sometimes, even suicide. Bullied children and teens will grow up to become shy, fearful, solitary and depressed adults. They tend not to trust anybody and they have problems with building relationships.

Over the globe, different states have developed awareness campaigns against cyberbullying. Among these, there is also an international organization called The Cybersmile Foundation. It was founded in 2010 and offers support to all victims of cyberbullying via social media, e-mail and telephone. However, anyone who is attacked through technological means of communications must act in two main directions: first, they have to denounce the attacker to the competent authorities; then, they have to talk about it with family and friends and get their support.

In conclusion, cyberbullying is a modern way of assaulting people and it is taken seriously and punished as any other normal crime.

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