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Research Paper On Child Labour

Some people may think that child labour only affects their country but the truth is that it affects a lot of other countries all over the world. It is an international concern and while there are a lot of groups who are protesting it, the problem is at present time, too large for it to just go away.

A lot of countries that are affected by child labour are developing countries. This is because these countries have the amenities in order to become better but because not everybody is able to make use of their resources, they are unable to progress. Some parents are left with no work and their children usually take the responsibility of having to find money for their whole family. At an early age, some children become breadwinners when they are the ones that are supposed to be cared for. They should be going to school to get an education.

Some children who are victims of child labour do it by choice. Since they feel that their families will not be able to live without their help, they do jobs that only older people are expected to do. They can become very hardworking but in return, they only get a little amount of money - just enough to sustain some of the needs of their families for a whole day.

Yet there are also some children who become victims of child labour against their will. They are sometimes abducted from streets when they are playing or when they are left unattended by adults. Then other companies would lock them up in their factory. They will be forced to work in exchange for poor living conditions and measly food. Child labour may be more prominent in certain industries such as domestic aid and the household industry in general but there are still some children who work in different industries.

There is a possibility that with the unity of people against child labour, it will be eradicated but since there are some groups who actually search for the children to be given jobs, this may be harder to fight than ever. Yet, there are still different solutions that are available. If only the government of each developing country would pay attention to this problem more, then more powerful projects will be formulated to decrease the number of child labourers. There will come a time when there will be no children who will be working when they are not supposed to.

It is also important for families, even those who are experiencing poverty to understand the bad effects of children undergoing child labour so that the parents of the children will be more determined to work, they will be more determined to work for their children. Children should also be given more chances to go to school. Some children still find it hard to study at public schools mainly because they do not have the means to travel to the school every day. Child labour may be something that most people consider common but this can change and this can stop if people would make ways for it to stop.

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