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Research Paper On Child Abuse

Contrary to popular beliefs, child abuse does not include only physical violence. This type of maltreatment also refers to psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. Usually, children suffer these traumas in the places they spend most of the time, like at home, at school and in any other communities.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of child abuse.

Physical abuse is characterized through any form of violence that harms or injures the child. Some parents hit their children intentionally, while others see these gestures as simple methods of discipline. These adults have unpredictable reactions, they outburst in anger and they use fear to control the child’s behavior.

Emotional abuse can take multiple forms and it expresses though humiliations, insults, yelling, threatening and even bullying. Constantly comparing children to others and telling them they are no good are also considered to be abusive actions. Furthermore, lack of emotional tenderness affects children for lifetime periods. Eventually, exposing a child to any kind of violence represents an abuse.

Sexual abuse is an extremely severe action and it doesn’t necessarily involve body contact. This one can also mean exposing children to sexual situations or materials. Even if there are a lot of cases of strangers abusing children, most of these dramatic events take place in family.

Neglecting a child is also considered an abuse and this one consists in not taking proper care of minors. Parents fail in attending basic needs like feeding, clothing, hygiene or supervising.

Parents abusing their children in any way, usually suffer from different problems. Some of them are addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs; some are affected by mental illnesses; some suffer from stress and lack of parenting support. In the end, a large number of parents do not exactly know how to take care of a child, how to behave around him/her and how to provide the best education.

Abused children find it difficult to trust people and to build relationships. They have been hurt by the most important persons in their lives – the parents – so world now seems an unsafe place. These children grow with strong feelings of being damaged or useless to the society. Because they have heard insults and humiliations every day, they don’t believe that they deserve a better life. Abused children don’t set high goals regarding education and future careers. Then, they find it difficult to express their feelings safely. Even as adults, they tend to oppress themselves and end up suffering from anxiety, depression or anger. All in all, abused children carry the scars of infantile violence throughout their entire lives.

Parents who find themselves abusing children, must seek help right away. There are several organizations willing to offer counseling in parenting, in anger management or in drug addiction. Also, it is essential to report any cases of possible child abuse. If you happen to observe this type of violence, just call Child Protective Services. They will know how to address the problem and how to best act in the child’s interest.

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