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Research Paper On Bipolar Disorder

Manic Depressive Disorder, Manic Depression, Bipolar Disorder can be called different things but the fact still remains that there are a lot of people who experience this. Basically, people who have bipolar disorder usually have extreme mood disorders that they cannot control. People who are diagnosed with this usually undergo some abnormal episodes. Since there are some people who have this condition who do not understand what they are going through, it comes to a point when they commit suicide.

This is a dangerous condition that is often overlooked. Some people see the episodes of the disorder right before their very eyes but because of their lack of knowledge of the condition, they end up accepting what the person is going through.

A person who is suffering from Bipolar Disorder usually has a series of fluctuating moods. They may change moods ever so often. They may be high with happiness at one point in time and then after a few minutes, they would suddenly feel sad. They would undergo extreme depression and they still do not know what they should do about it. This disorder can manipulate people’s thoughts that their views about life change greatly.

Initially, the first step for a person is to accept that he/she has a real problem that affects all life aspects. This is not as easy as it may seem. Often, people don’t analyse their every reaction or symptom. What is more, the busy and hectic schedules from 21st century leave little room for self-consciousness.

The second step is to find out if a person really suffers from depression or something else. Usually, the general symptoms are felt at psychological and sentimental levels. Below, there are several depression signs that manifest in different degrees of intensity for each person.

Recognizing the symptoms of the condition is the best way for it to become noticed and eventually diagnosed. While there is no cure for this condition yet, there are some medications that can be taken in order to control the extreme mood swings. Usually, people who are suffering from Bipolar Disorder report to have increased mental and physical energy. There is a need for them to be always on the go. They need to do something in order to feel good. They also have the tendency to become exaggerated at times. They may be overconfident and then their moods would suddenly fluctuate and would begin to feel that they are worthless.

Those who suffer from this condition may have fewer hours of sleep because they do not usually feel tired. They have various ideas that they may be willing to share to the world but when people react negatively to their suggestions, they would suddenly become sullen and forlorn. They may be reckless and impatient with their decisions and their poor decision making skills allow them to make mistakes that again would cause them to feel sad and depressed.

Not only people who are suffering from this condition are affected. Their family members and their friends cannot help but become contrived as well. Family members like spouses, siblings or children would have to learn how to deal with it but this will not be easy especially if the condition is not understood. This is also an illness that can be passed on genetically. This means that if someone in the family has already suffered from this condition, there is a big chance that someone else in the family will be diagnosed with the same condition as well. This condition may be severe but can be controlled in order to let those who have this illness to live a normal life.

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