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Research Paper On Autism

Autism is a developmental disability that leads to the deterioration of individual’s communication skills as well as his/her relation to the surrounding people. At the same time, autism affects person’s attitude to the world around us. It is necessary to mention that even though autism-suffering people experience a number of social differences, their condition influences them in several ways. For example, some people suffering from autism will be able to live of independent means, whereas others will experience major learning disabilities as well as require special care during their lifetime. In addition, people who have autistic disorder are likely to be overly sensitive to tastes, smells, colors, light or sounds.

Asperger syndrome appears to be a form of autism. Those who suffer from Asperger normally have intelligence of average level or even the exceptional one. As compared to Autism-sufferers, people with Asperger syndrome do not experience much trouble with speech, though they may find it difficult to comprehend language. In the eyes of the Autism-sufferer, the world seems to be a great number of people, events and places that seem to be pointless. This in turn is the root of major anxiety for people with autism. Participation in social activities is rather difficult for people with autism, as they fail to understand others.

Autism-related difficulties fall into three major categories, including those difficulties that deal with social communication, social imagination as well as social interaction. Even though there is no treatment for autism, there are a number of strategies that can be used to help an individual suffering from autism.

Understanding of the autism disorder within the psychiatric field of studies has significantly improved since the 1940s. Initially, autism was considered to be an insanity or mental retardation. It was not until 1943 that this disorder had attracted scientific interest on a significant scale. Leo Kanner discovered that children who suffered from the signs of autism actually were not to be seen as disturbed children but just proved to be slow learners. Hans Asperger in turn made a discovery that autistic people who are able to talk are to be referred to as those with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Taking into consideration that autism is a spectrum disorder, it has impact on behavior of people in various aspects. Basically, it is rather difficult to provide a general approach to the treatment of an autistic person, as well as forecast how his/her state will evolve in the course of time. However, it should be mentioned that an intervention that proves to be efficient in case with one person might be totally inefficient with another one.

It is worth distinguishing a number of combination that suggest different characteristics and symptoms of the disorder. In addition, the level of severity differs in regard to the combination of behaviors suffered by people with autism. This also suggests that they have different tendencies in behavior. It is noteworthy that children who suffer from autism can actually maintain eye contact as well as show a number of emotions including affection.

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