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Research Paper On ADHD

ADHD or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a common affection among children. Some voices have stated that this is a modern health problem and that mostly it is just an invention for parents and medics to control children’s natural energy.

Actually, this illness exists for a long time, but it was only recently that doctors put together a pattern and established a diagnosis. ADHD is a mental disorder that keeps patients from being able to focus, to pay attention on something, to remain calm or to have a normal behavior. Due to these symptoms, children find it difficult to perform great at school. Initially, they were just thought to be intellectually poor. But now we get to know the exact origin of this problem.

Unfortunately, specialists don’t know for sure what may cause a person to be born with ADHD. However, they have established a series of factors that influence the risks of a child to develop this illness. Here they are:

  • Smoking and drinking during pregnancy;
  • Exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy;
  • Low weight at birth or birth complications;
  • Social issues like deprivation, neglect or abuse.

It is true, children are always active and restless, but those who suffer from ADHD manifest these characteristics at a higher level. For instance, they can get distracted very easily, go from one activity to another and forget things very often. As direct consequences of these symptoms, children lose their toys and never seem to know where they left them. As toddlers, they cannot manage to complete homework.

ADHD children are very impatient, they keep running and jumping all the time, they talk continuously and they cannot control their emotions.

This illness can also affect teenagers and adults. As a teen, someone who suffers from ADHD is disorganized, still cannot focus on something for a long time and tends to break social and academic rules.

Adults suffering from this affection manifest through hardship in sticking to a job, in respecting deadlines and being efficient, and in staying organized. Additionally, they feel restless and have problems with maintaining a love relationship.

The diagnosis is always difficult and tricky. Because it is a mental affection, doctors cannot just run and interpret some analysis. In this case, children are observed in various life situations and examined throughout a longer period of time. Doctors need the help of parents and teachers in order to keep track of symptoms. The final diagnosis is set by a mental health specialist.

When it comes to treatment, there are three methods of helping an ADHD person to get better. The first way is through medication. These are called stimulants and help children maintain a more calm state of mind. However, one should be aware that some medications may have side effects and it may take a while to find the right combination of pills for someone

The second treatment method is through behavioral therapy. This is a less invasive way of helping children stay focused. The last method consists in the combination of medication and therapy.

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