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Self-Reflection Essay

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Stressed about different aspects of our lives and daily concerns, we might forget to meditate upon ourselves. “Who am I?” “Am I living my life as I wish?” or “Have I found my purpose?” are questions that remain unanswered many times. That’s because we don’t take enough time to reflect upon our inner wishes and true calls. Self-reflection is a valuable way to learn more about ourselves. Paying attention to our needs should be our number one priority.

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For me, reflecting upon who I am and where I am heading to is always life-changing. It makes me realize how many skills I must improve, how many goals I still want to achieve, and how vital tracking my progress is. Lacking self-meditation time is disadvantageous for me, you, and anyone else living in this world.

I ask critical questions about myself when I self-reflect. I try to understand if I am inherently happy with what I’ve realized until now and with my plans. Sometimes, I realize that I must make changes. For instance, last night I became aware of the fact that I am unhappy with my career. I want to change it. I’ve been working in this field for more than five years now, and it is too much. I am an accountant. I work with numbers all day. To be honest, it drives me insane. I would like to see the world, explore the unknown, get out of the office, stop dreaming about mathematical calculations each night.

The year 2019 is slowly approaching. I am already making plans of making plans. One of the goals that I set is traveling. This year, I want to travel. Without self-reflection, I wouldn’t have noticed that I am unhappy and unsatisfied with my life. I would have lived robotically, driving to the office, coming back home, feeling tired, yet not having time to figure out why.

I don’t think it’s easy to self-reflect. It takes courage to think about all the minuses in your life. It can make you feel powerless and abandoned. What’s even tougher is making the necessary changes after a self-reflection practice. Implementing what you’ve learned. Remembering what you’ve promised. It requires strength, and much determination to take the next step towards success. But it’s a beautiful process. I could say special.

Self-meditation should be done at least once a week. Repetition is the mother of learning, they say. And it’s true. If we don’t build healthy habits, we’ll end up repeating the negative ones without even realizing. Every Sunday, I self-reflect. I know that’s my homework for the day. I rest, and I meditate. I write down my thoughts and think of plans to take action. And it works. I feel great. I have made some significant changes in my life. I am happy, energetic, and on the right path. I’ve set my goals, got my head straight, and now I am just living each moment to its maximum.

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