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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School

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There is an ongoing debate on whether cell phones should be allowed in schools or not. Some people believe that they can serve as distractions for the students, while others think that it is a perfect way to explore new worlds and learn new things. The truth is somewhere in the middle - there are both good and bad things about technology.

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There are many ways to use smartphones efficiently in the classroom. Of course, students should be supervised whenever they go online during study hours. That’s because they are easily distractible, especially if teens. Preventive measures should be taken, but technology in the classroom should not cease to exist.

An excellent way to use smartphones in the classroom is promoting educational applications and games. There are plenty available online now. Some good examples are Edmondo, BrainPOP UK, or Khan Academy. These great tools will teach pupils how to stay on the right educational track and proceed in their constant accumulation of knowledge.

Another pro to using cell phones in the class is that they can supplement professors’ book materials with fun videos and/or interactive, digital conversations. That is an excellent opportunity to enhance discussion and debates inside and outside the classroom. Having increased access to information, students will develop considerable skills, and upgrade their school performance.

Social learning is an additional benefit of using cell phones in class. After the professor teaches his/her lesson, students can share information, data, ideas, or beliefs about the course that has just been taught. It allows pupils to form a tighter community, and engage in school-related conversations even after the usual school hours.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to the excessive use of technology in schools, as I mentioned previously. It can indeed distract the students and negatively intervene in their learning process. Unsupervised online activity during class hours could also result in cheating or bullying other classmates.

Cyberbullying has become a widely discussed problem within the educational world. Teachers are no longer able to identify either the cause of the bullying process or the pupils leading the activity.

Another problem with cell phones in the classroom is that it prevents face to face interaction. Everyone hides behind social media masks, and there is no real-life connection anymore. Instead of going outside and playing hide and seek, kids prefer hunting pokemons on their mobile phone apps. From a social perspective, this is a significant disadvantage to using technology nowadays.

As long as cell phones are used for educational purposes, there’s no reason to prevent their usage in the classroom. They can function as institutional mechanisms and great learning tools. However, when used excessively, they can become the enemy of the professor, and finally, the students, since they won’t get anything out of their education.

The quick access to the digital world has provided great opportunities for students to grow faster, but information overload is not beneficial to them either. Therefore, to maintain a proper learning environment for students, there must be a balance in the technology usage in the classroom.

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